Dipl. Pilates Master Trainer
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« … My method defines the body holistically. It corrects malpositions, activates physical performance, enhances concentration and increases the quality of life. »

Joseph H. Pilates

Basically, the Pilates Method comprises a balanced training of the body-mind. It is a holistic physical method involving muscle stretching and strengthening as well as posture improvement. The Training encompasses specific exercises for the deeper lying muscles (belly, back and pelvic floor) responsible for a healthy posture and high performance. Thus the body is systematically trained and balanced.

The basic principles of the Pilates Method are perception, coordination, centering, control, flow and precision as well as the improvement of respiration and of the functioning of all organs.

Pilates offers an effective training, suitable for men and women of all ages and physical conditions. All exercises are adapted to the individual constitution and executed in flowing movements without interruption.